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Give Your Body a Second Chance: 5 Reasons Regennexx may be the Best Option for You

Chronic pain from arthritis, orthopedic injuries and degenerative conditions can dramatically change a person’s quality of life. Although there are several ways to treat chronic pain, many people require life-long treatment or surgery in order to gain long term relief. Now, there is Regennexx. Regennexx is an alternative solution for pain. This patented procedure uses precise injections of your own stem cells or blood platelets to help your body heal. But is Regennexx the best procedure for you?

5. It is a more native way of healing

Have you ever wondered why your children bounce back faster than you do? Or why it takes less time for them to heal from an injury? One of the reasons we heal slower as we age is because our bodies slow down the process of healing. When you suffer an injury like a broken bone, for example, your body delivers platelets which later attract stem cells to help heal the injury. However, as we age, our bodies cannot attract the stem cells as rapidly and sometimes it can’t even generate as many as are needed to adequately do the job.

Regennexx works by injecting the necessary stem cells and platelets directly to an injury using your body’s native process to aid with the repair.

4. It treats a Large Variety of Conditions

While surgery is an option to treat some conditions, Regennexx treats a variety of different conditions with a quick recovery time and few side effects. Improvements have been shown for conditions such as ACL Tears, Arthritis, Instability, Meniscus Tears, Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow, Nerve Entrapment, and Spinal Injuries such as Bulging or Herniated Discs and Degenerative conditions.

3. Faster Recovery Time as Compared to Surgery

Because Regennexx is a minimally invasive procedure, it does not come with the amount of recovery time that surgery does. Recovery time for a knee replacement surgery for example, may range anywhere from three to six months and can be quite painful. There is virtually no down time with the Regennexx procedure. It is done outpatient and you can walk out of the clinic the same day the procedure is performed. There is little pain with the procedure is well. You can expect to feel about as much pain as a typical shot in a doctor’s office.

2. Less Risk as Compared to Surgery

Surgery, although effective and necessary in some cases, does come with risks. In addition to the dreaded post-op pain and fatigue, there is always a risk of complications with surgery such as, internal and external bleeding, blood clots, severe swelling and bruising, and infection. Regennexx is minimally invasive and a more natural process that uses your own body to promote healing, so there are fewer risks for serious complications.

1. Successful Outcomes

Stem cell therapy has been recognized by the medical industry as a major breakthrough – if not the biggest breakthrough – in natural healing, which has important applications in pain management and rehabilitation. Patients who have unresolved pain can finally get the relief they need with Regennexx therapy. The results are impressive. Regennexx injections provide a true (non-surgical) treatment option that provides long-lasting relief from pain caused by various conditions. For specific data on the outcomes of patients who have been treated with Regennexx, visit the Regennexx website:

If you are suffering from chronic pain and want to learn more about Regennexx, call the experts at S.E. PA Pain Management at (855) 235-(PAIN) (7246) and schedule your consultation today.

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